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November news letter 2009
Posted by Philip Day on 04 December 2009 05:10 PM
Soil Instruments has a lot happening at the moment and we believe it is very important to keep our customers and distributors up to speed with these developments, to assist in the dissemination of information we have produced this newsletter which we hope you enjoy, but as always if you require any further information please never hesitate to contact us,we are always pleased to hear from you.
Since joining the company in February I have done lots of travelling, meeting many of our distributors and customers and made many new friends.
My plans for the remainder of 2009 and throughout 2010 is to continue this programme of visits and maintaining a very close working relationship with our distributors and their customers.
Soil Instruments is a market leader in geotechnical and structural instrumentation and to sustain this prominence we have been listening to you more than ever.
We have instigated many changes this year improving our quality management system (ISO 9001:2008/FM553710), strengthened our logistics department and continually fine tuning our production process.
Our aim for 2010 is to focus everyone in the supply chain on our end product, which is “high quality data from robust, reliable instruments presented in a user friendly format” to meet this challenge we have increased our sales and technical teams.
We have taken on Helen Ashfield as UK Sales Coordinator, Helen will be working very closely with Nick Slater (UK Sales Manager) to support the UK and Irish markets.
We have taken on two technical sales engineers, Ben Scott and Matt Pickles both graduate engineers with a background in electronics and computing.
Ben and Matt will be providing international on-site technical support to our distributors and customers, with their main focus on data processing and presentation from datalogger to presentation software, this is an area where a lot of our customers need support and we are meeting this demand.
We have improved our product and technical support, this is now coordinated by James Kwist and James has been doing a superb job in streamlining and accelerating customer support.
As you will see in this newsletter ( Please download the full news letter from the downloads area), we are expanding our factory, supplying demo and exhibition equipment, reacting quickly to monitoring requirements and introducing new products. But most of all “we are listening to you”.
I look forward to meeting up with many of you over the coming months, but if you have issues you wish to discuss please never hesitate to pick up the phone (my mobile number is+44 7534 241 590) or send me an email
Take care, have fun and keep busy.
Richard Marshall, Sales Manager

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