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Have you noticed!
Posted by Stuart Burgess on 22 January 2013 03:05 PM

Dear itmsoil support site user,

Have you noticed our handy Knowledgebase suggestions tool? When submitting a support issue, the support centre will search all published knowledgebase articles and display the most relevant articles just below the description box!

Figure 1. Example knowledgebase suggestions


The suggested knowledgebase articles are based on both the subject header of your ticket and the first few characters of the description box.
For example, in figure 1 above, simply typing the word “Archer” will raise 10 different knowledgebase articles.

These knowledgebase articles vary from problems previously experienced by customers (that have been resolved by the support team and documented) to manuals and quick guides talking you through setups of PDAs and other instrumentation. You will also find the latest software for our products and many fault finding tips for our instruments.

The aim of the knowledgebase articles and the suggestion tool is to give customers access to information that can resolve their query immediately, without the need for them to have to contact our dedicated support team, reducing the time in which they query is answered. At itmsoil we are always striving to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible.  


Figure 2. The full list of articles that appear when typing "Archer" into the title of your ticket

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