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Update to Support Site URL
Posted by Ben Scott on 19 October 2012 01:52 PM

We are pleased to announce the switch of our support site web address. This has changed from to


Please do not worry. Accessing the old URL will redirect you to the new site which has all the same great features including Knowledgebase's, support tickets submission and much more!


This change has been introduced to bring the support site into alignment with our company's corporate identity and to associate with our main website


Please note: Older links, from previous tickets and emails, containing "" in the URL, will redirect to our main page This can be corrected either by logging into the support centre and navigating to the ticket or knowledgebase manually. Alternatively replacing the "" part of the URL with "" will achieve the desired result.


For example:


Would now require to be changed to:


On behalf of all the Technical Support team we thank you for continuing to use our support centre and look forward to supporting you in the future. 

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itmsoil's new In-Site v2.11.18
Posted by Stuart Burgess on 09 October 2012 03:31 PM

Hello Clients, Distributors and Group members,

We are happy to announce the release of our latest version of In-Site, v2.11.18. itmsoil as a company is continually striving to enhance its products and we believe this release of In-Site vastly improves both the functionality and aesthetic qualities of the software. Improvements of our In-Site software have again primarily been based on customer feedback and also to allow further compatibility with other itmsoil data presentation software.

Please find below a list of both new features and improvements that have been introduced to In-Site v2.11.18


  • Upgraded graphing resolution in the Report function
  • Rebranding of the software to improve aesthetics
  • Improved scaling function of graphs to allow quicker and easier scaling of the Incremental and Cumulative graphs. Incremental graphs can now be scaled by clicking on the X axis.
  • Many other functionality improvements

New features Include:

  • Export data into a format accepted by our online presentation software ARGUS
  • Introduction of two new languages for In-Site which can now be selected on start-up, the three available languages are English, German and French.

If you wish to upgrade to the latest version of In-Site please do so by downloading the upgrade file from the following location:

If you do not currently use In-Site and would like to evaluate the software the above link can also be used as an evaluation copy, functionality will be restricted without a dongle licence key. Users will still be able to use graphs and use other functions, however you cannot import or print or export data.

If you have any questions or comments relating to any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us through our support centre-

We’d also like to thank all of our customers for their continuing support and repeat business. 

Kind Regards

Technical Support Technician
Stuart Burgess 

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itmsoil Support - Remote Support Tool
Posted by Ben Scott on 24 September 2012 09:49 AM

In our continuing quest to deliver the highest quality support for our clients itmsoil are pleased to announce an improved support tool that allows our support engineers remote access to your PC to help guide you through various issues.




If one of our support engineers believes it would be beneficial to connect in to your PC they will request the tool is downloaded directly from the itmsoil support website, which can be found in the knowledge base section Support Centre and Servicing >> Support Software. This can be immediately run, with no installation required, we will then be able to connect in and help with your issue. Once the program is closed we will no longer be able to access your PC.


This type of access allows for quick diagnosis and resolution of various issues. This can be especially useful with inclinometer related issues where the PDA can also be connected to your PC to allow our engineer the ability to be able to investigate the system remotely.

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~ Soil Instruments New In-Site v2.9.2 ~
Posted by James Kwist on 19 July 2010 02:18 PM
Dear Customer,

We would like to make you aware of our new and improved version of In-Site. Soil Instruments are constantly striving to improve our products. We consider feedback from you, our customer, to be invaluable. This new version of In-Site v2.9.2 has been primarily driven by feedback from our customers, so we would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have taken the time to inform us of your thoughts and comments.

Even though we are releasing a new version of In-Site, our development of In-Site doesn’t stop. We have many new and exciting ideas for In-Site which we hope will be available for release in the near future.

Please find below, a short list of some improvements and new features that have been incorporated into In-Site v2.9.2

• Removal of Install errors when installing on newer operating systems such as windows 7

• Fix to the “Save As” feature so duplicate databases can be created easily

• Improved labelling with the skew function, so it is clear when skew has been applied.

• Improved handling of data for large angles

• Many other functionality improvements

New Features
• Ability to clear recent projects list

• Ability to plot metric data in imperial graphs and imperial data in metric graphs, as well as In-Site recognising the data type and plotting the graphs accordingly.

• Advanced graphing features. Allowing the user to click on the graphs scale and customise the scale for each individual graph, cumulative, incremental & Plan view. Giving the user much clearer reports.

If your a current user of In-Site we hope you are happy with the improvements. If you wish to upgrade to the latest version of In-Site please do so by downloading the upgrade file from the following location:

If you do not currently use In-Site and would like to evaluate the software a free evaluation package is offered which runs without the dongle allowing the user to look at data, graphs and use other functions, however you can not import or print data. The evaluation package can be downloaded from the following link:

If you have any questions or comments relating to any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us through our support centre.

We thank all our customer for their continuing support and repeat business.

Kind Regards

Soil Instruments Technical Support Co-ordinator
James Kwist
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~ Support Centre Newsletter June 2010 ~
Posted by James Kwist on 11 June 2010 04:49 PM
~ Support Centre Newsletter June 2010 ~

We are fast approaching the end of the second quarter for 2010. Soil Instruments Web Based Customer Support Centre was launched in January 2010 and we are pleased to announce it has been very successful. Thank you to all our customers who have taken the time to register with this service and provided useful feedback. To date we have received over 120 user registrations!

To ensure you benefit fully from our support centre Soil Instruments will issue Support Centre Newsletters detailing recently added Downloads, knowledgebase, & trouble shooting articles along with useful tips on using the support centres features.

~ Recent downloads, knowledgebase, & trouble shooting articles ~
The support centre is a tool we are keen to evolve over time to meet your requirements. Soil Instruments will continue to update its content as frequently as possible, with the content mainly being driven by the issues raised in new support tickets.

The most recent additions focus around the Soil Instruments Digital Inclinometer Systems. With PDA setup guides and downloads, along with In-Site error code articles and software upgrades.

~ Features explained ~
With each newsletter issued, we would like to take the opportunity to further explain a couple of the feature within the Support Centre. We hope these will prove beneficial when using the system.

Registering multiple members.
A single registration on the support centre allows the user to login and view all their individually submitted support tickets. There is no restriction on the number of people within a company that can register on the system. Some organisations may have multiple users who use the support centre. If requested Soil Instruments can group these users into a user group to release a number of benefits. A group can be configured so all users assigned to the group can see all tickets submitted by each group member. Alternatively, a single member can be set as the manager of the group and only the manager can see all tickets submitted by group members. These settings allow for a more cohesive approach to contact Soil Instruments for support. It also allows fellow colleagues to track the progress of a support issue, offer input and advice or manage a support issue if the originator is away on leave.

Ticket reference number and its importance.
In order to get the full benefits from the support centre it is recommended to log into the system via the web interface. However, once a user has created a ticket and has an ongoing dialogue with the Soil Instruments engineer, we understand that responding to the ticket from your email account is more convenient. We have therefore made it possible for users to respond to tickets directly from their e-mail accounts. In order for this feature to work, it is very important that the user retains their unique ticket reference number within the subject field of the e-mail. The ticket reference number will be in the following format [#ABC-123456] providing this reference number is within the subject header of any e-mail sent to the e-mail will be saved under the appropriate ticket and the user will get response from their assigned engineer. Removing or failing to input the ticket reference within the subject header could result in a possible delayed response or duplication of support from Soil Instruments.

Here at Soil Instruments we are committed in providing the best after sales support service possible. We believe that the Support Centre is helping us achieve this goal. We hope that the support centre will become a key tool for all our customers to help aid in the use of our instrumentation.

We welcome any feedback from our customers and believe this to be important in helping us provide the best support we can.

We thank all our customer for their continuing support and repeat business.

Kind Regards

Soil Instruments Technical Support Co-ordinator
James Kwist
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November news letter 2009
Posted by Philip Day on 04 December 2009 05:10 PM
Soil Instruments has a lot happening at the moment and we believe it is very important to keep our customers and distributors up to speed with these developments, to assist in the dissemination of information we have produced this newsletter which we hope you enjoy, but as always if you require any further information please never hesitate to contact us,we are always pleased to hear from you.
Since joining the company in February I have done lots of travelling, meeting many of our distributors and customers and made many new friends.
My plans for the remainder of 2009 and throughout 2010 is to continue this programme of visits and maintaining a very close working relationship with our distributors and their customers.
Soil Instruments is a market leader in geotechnical and structural instrumentation and to sustain this prominence we have been listening to you more than ever.
We have instigated many changes this year improving our quality management system (ISO 9001:2008/FM553710), strengthened our logistics department and continually fine tuning our production process.
Our aim for 2010 is to focus everyone in the supply chain on our end product, which is “high quality data from robust, reliable instruments presented in a user friendly format” to meet this challenge we have increased our sales and technical teams.
We have taken on Helen Ashfield as UK Sales Coordinator, Helen will be working very closely with Nick Slater (UK Sales Manager) to support the UK and Irish markets.
We have taken on two technical sales engineers, Ben Scott and Matt Pickles both graduate engineers with a background in electronics and computing.
Ben and Matt will be providing international on-site technical support to our distributors and customers, with their main focus on data processing and presentation from datalogger to presentation software, this is an area where a lot of our customers need support and we are meeting this demand.
We have improved our product and technical support, this is now coordinated by James Kwist and James has been doing a superb job in streamlining and accelerating customer support.
As you will see in this newsletter ( Please download the full news letter from the downloads area), we are expanding our factory, supplying demo and exhibition equipment, reacting quickly to monitoring requirements and introducing new products. But most of all “we are listening to you”.
I look forward to meeting up with many of you over the coming months, but if you have issues you wish to discuss please never hesitate to pick up the phone (my mobile number is+44 7534 241 590) or send me an email
Take care, have fun and keep busy.
Richard Marshall, Sales Manager

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